Simone Pika

Simone Pika has spent over a decade studying the diversity of animals' communicative systems and underlying cognitive mechanisms in captive and natural settings with a special focus on primates and corvids. Recently, she extended this research avenue to include artifical intelligence, multi-modal communication, phenomena of convergent evolution and turn-taking.

Dorothee Möllmann

Dorothee Möllmann works since August 2019 as personal assistant to Simone Pika in the Comparative BioCognition Group.

Contact: Phone: +49 (0) 541 969-3133
Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday: 09:00 - 16:00 o'clock;
Friday: by appointment

Kayla Kolff

Kayla started her PhD in the CBC group in August 2020. Her project will centre on the impact of the social environment on turn-taking communicative behaviour in wild Eastern chimpanzees, living in the Kibale National Park, Uganda. 


Bas van Boekholt

Bas van Boekholt started his PhD in 2020 in the CBC Group. He did his masters at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and has studied the flexibility of vocal communication in vervet monkeys in South Africa and reconciliation in long-tailed macaques. His PhD will focus on the development of turn-taking and social skills of chimpanzees living in the Ngogo community, Kibale National Park, Uganda.

Charlotte Bright

Charlotte Bright began her PhD in 2020 in the Comparative BioCognition Group. She has spent the past few years working at various field research sites, most recently working with yellow and chacma baboons. Her PhD project looks at the turn-taking communicative behaviours of geladas in the Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. 

Lara Southern

Lara Southern started her PhD in the CBC group in November 2019. Her research examines the turntaking in wild chimpanzees. She is particularly interested in the environmental factors unique to Loango National Park in Gabon and their subsequent effect on the communicative interactions between the individuals of the Rekambo community.